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Roval Control Alloy 350 6B

¡Nosotros entregamos! Solo dinos cuándo y dónde.

Born on the World Cup, destined for your local trails. We poured World Championship-winning engineering into developing an all-new alloy for these Control wheels. To increase the new material’s durability, we customized our shot peening process—where metal projectiles are shot at the alloy to increase its strength—meeting the precise demands of our XC riders. If that wasn’t enough, to eliminate creaking and reduce weight, individually customized sleeves are chosen to bond every single rim. The result is a wildly over-engineered, trail-ripping, best-of-the-best, aluminum wheel: held to the same standards as our highest-end Control SL carbon components.

Whether you are looking for a solid set of training wheels that will handle it all, or a big upgrade from entry level wheels, Roval Control Alloy is the go-to wheel. With creak-free hoop construction that’s laced to high-performance and proven DT Swiss hubs, you can tap into a wheelset born from World Cup technology that’s ready for all riders.

R&D At Every Level

These asymmetrical hoops are made from new 6013 Alloy making them 20% more durable. To achieve this increased durability, we engineered a new shot peening process that levels up strength, while maintaining light weight.

Customized Internal Sleeves

Joining each individual hoop to create the Control Alloy wheels, custom-made sleeves are created for each wheel to exacting tolerances to bond the ends, allowing a perfect fit and eliminating creaking.

Proven DT Swiss Hubs

Laced to trusted DT Swiss 350 hubs, this high-end meets accessible wheelset boasts DT Swiss’s simple and robust design with a 36 tooth ratchet for direct power transmission making them the perfect partner for XC effrots.

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