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    Men’s Specialized Foundation Bib Shorts

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    당신이 원하는 날짜와 방법으로 배송해드립니다.

    Elevate your ride to unmatched comfort for every rider with our Specialized Foundation Bib Shorts. The high-stretch fabric offers a low-compression fit, combining comfort and support seamlessly. Plush elastic suspenders, along with a lightweight back panel, ensure a soft feel against your skin while aiding temperature control. The elasticated cuff with silicone gripper provides a gentle, secure hold on your legs, preventing ride-up and distractions.

    Designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, these bib shorts feature our advanced Single Density Body Geometry 3D Chamois for unparalleled cushioning. Plus, our commitment to sustainability shines through with the fabric composition, made from 80% recycled nylon and 20% recycled elastane, ensuring you not only ride in comfort but also with a conscience.

    Choosing the perfect pair of bib shorts just got easier. Experience the ride of a lifetime with our Specialized Foundation Bib Shorts.

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