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Haul ST


Haul ST

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Whatever you’re into, get more into it with the Specialized Globe Haul ST. It’s down for the ride. With 419 pounds of cargo capacity (rider included) up to 60 miles at a time, this fully customizable electric bike has the speed, power, range, and stability to get you wherever you need to go with whatever you need. With a grip of mounting opportunities you can bring the kids, a kayak, and stop on the way home for groceries. Don’t sweat it getting dark on you either. Integrated front and rear lights will have you dialed from dawn patrol to golden hour.

POWERED UP. The rear hub motor will have you zooming up hills with all your gear. Need a little extra boost to make it through an intersection safely? Crank up the power to get up to top speed quick, then dial it back and hit the pedals for max range.

INCLUSIVE. All bodies, all fun. The unique single size frame fits riders comfortably all over the size spectrum. Using the Retül database, the adjustable fit was designed to be perfect for you. Make it longer here, shorter there, and you're ready to ride comfortably. The low center of gravity means it’s easy to handle for a newcomer or a pro, loaded up or loaded down.

READY TO ROLL. The Globe Haul ST is ready to rock straight out of the box with an included MIK-compatible rear rack, full coverage fenders, integrated lights and center stand. D.I.Y. yourself into gear-nirvana, with a whole host of Globe accessories compatible with the auxiliary mounting points… It’s your Globe, we’re just living in it.

Technical Specifications

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Seat Binder

Alloy, Bolt-type, 39mm


Haul ST Premium Aluminum, Post mount disc brake, fender/rack mounts



Globe Steel, Post mount disc brake, fender/rack mounts



Globe closed end slip on type, 155mm


Globe, cargo 1.5X150mm quill stem


Globe, cargo, alloy, 12-degree backsweep, 80mm rise, 31.8mm. 700mm width


Specialized Body Geometry Comfort Gel


Telescoping, alloy, 2-bolt Clamp, 20mm offset, 34.9mm, 525mm


Rear Brake

Tektro HD-T535, 4 piston caliper, hydraulic disc, 203mm rotor

Front Brake

Tektro HD-T535, 4 piston caliper, hydraulic disc, 203mm rotor





Forged alloy arm, alloy chainring guard, 160mm


KMC e9S EPT, anti-rust coating, 9-speed w/ reusable Missing Link™

Bottom Bracket

Square-tapered, 100mm BB width, 184mm spindle, w/ torque sensor


SunRace, 9-Speed, 11-36t

Shift Levers

microSHIFT Advent, 9-speed

Rear Derailleur

microSHIFT, short cage, 9-speed

Wheels & Tires


20'', double-wall alloy, 50X20mm, 36h

Front Hub

Alloy, 6-bolt disc, 110mm spacing, loose ball bearings, bolt on, 36h

Rear Tire

Carless Whisper Reflect, 20X3.5

Front Tire

Carless Whisper Reflect, 20X3.5

Inner Tubes

Schrader, 32mm valve


Stainless, 13g/2.3mm



Globe charger, 48V System w/ Globe system charger plug, AC power cord included


Globe custom tuned motor, alloy, 6-bolt disc, 9 speed freehub, bolt on, 36h


Globe external battery, 772Wh, UL 2271 certified, IPX7


Globe handlebar remote HMI, State of charge, Ride Mode display, USB plug, BLE

Wiring Harness

Globe wiring harness, IP65



Globe Cargo Drive, 1500 Lumen, remote switch, multiple modes.


Globe Cargo Drive, 50 Lumen


Globe Cargo fenders, w/headlight mount


Globe, Short Tail, MIK HD interface, rail system


Globe, Short Tail, center mount


Specialized Flat pedal


Brass bell



35.0kg (77 lb, 2.6 oz)

Weight Size

One Size

* Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colorway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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One Size
Crank Length160mm
Handlebar Width700mm
Stem Length45mm
Saddle Width200mm
Seatpost Length585mm
Head-Tube Length292mm
Head-Tube Angle70°
B-B Height285mm
B-B Drop5mm
Fork Length (full)372mm
Fork Rake/Offset55mm
Chain-Stay Length465mm
Top-Tube Length (horizontal)600mm
Bike Stand-Over Height511mm
Seat-Tube Length366mm
Seat-Tube Angle68°
Seat height - Max852mm
Seat height - Min517mm
Bar height form ground - Max1192mm
Bar height from ground - Min1051mm

Rider Reviews

  • 4.4
  • 31 Reviews

What a blast!

I wanted to write a novel about this bike to help paint the perfect picture, but the character limit on these reviews is too small. The bike is great, the box it comes in is great, the assembly process is great, the ride experience is great. If you're on the fence go test ride one, you'll be sold. Specialized please increase the review character limit! I want to gush about this bike and the awesome engineering all around!



I love this thing!

I've had this bike for five months now and couldn't be happier. I had an initial issue with the bike losing power but it was immediately corrected by Specialized and my dealer (probably a known defect) and zero issues since. I am joyful to ride this thing every day as I commute to work within the city or whenever I go grocery shopping. The bike is quick, powerful (for climbs), sturdy, has fantastic breaking power and very comfortable seating and tires. I recommend it hands down to whoever is considering an alternative to a car for commuting. Oh, the lights are fantastic as well. Only thing I'd improve is the on/off switch that's a bit too small.



Found my forever bike.

I had a different E-bike for about 2 years and it was heavy, had low weight capacity and seat was fixed. So, I sold it and continued my e-bike research. I chose the Globe Haul ST and bought from Bike Mart Fort Worth, and local support was important for me. I use the bike for commuting, family joy rides and date nights! Things I love + I ride in gear 8 or 9 and use the throttle up hills. + Globe Haul ST at 28 mph is next level! + I can raise the seat. + Locking system on electronic display. + The bell. + Tires feel solid on gravel and dirt. + Handlebars are really long. + Front headlight settings. + The bike is not as heavy. Things that still annoy me - Lowering my seat to ride moped style with passenger is really low, then it's difficult to raise up. - Buying throttle separate. - Want to fold up fixed passenger pegs. - Can't use rear panniers since I opted for the passenger kit. - Got an error message first day. The fix was easy, but annoying. - Cost is on the higher end.



Waiting on electrical fix...could be great eventually

I really liked the no-nonsense design, utility, and cost compared to other commuter ebike options. However, after just one week I'm dealing with what seems to be the same recurring electrical issues that others have mentioned. My local Specialized dealer did not know about these issues even though it seems to be the main comment everywhere this bike is mentioned. What is Specialized doing about this? Hoping it goes away? I will probably return it if a definite solution isn't available. This bike is no fun to ride without battery power. Bike shop seems to be doing what they can, but really disappointed with Specialized's side of this.

Would Recommend?



stop your searching and buy now!

I've been riding this bike for a couple of weeks now and I am hooked! I added the front panier and am using some existing Brooks bags for now. It is much more enjoyable to ride than most cargo bikes. Solid built, confident, quick, I have no fear leaning the bike into a turn. The upright position allows me to see over the top of cars making my commute safer including a stint on the light rail. I can roll right on the train, the ST wheelbase fits perfectly into their designated bike area (but not in the trains rack due to tire size) Simply put - it's a smile inducing ride! even in my current 30ish degree morning commute why 4 stars? Shoes hit rear paniers and back seat use the same mounts. Nit-picking. The cockpit the shifter, brake lever and headlight button sequence result in the included bell being too far away and I have to move my hand to use it, eventually I'll move it. Chain guard, I slap the chain on frame on every ride and will need to add something for protection

Would Recommend?



Fast and fun but not suited to my particular use.

The Haul is fast and fun to ride. But is seems to me that the relationship between power and derailleur gearing is not well-calibrated such that electric power in high gears is usually a bit too much and power in low gears ("Granny gears") is insufficient -- makes riding the heavy frame quite difficult. Specialized Rider Care seemed to have little/no idea of how the Haul actually rides (or how it's supposed to ride) and were zero help. I also bought a Como 5.0 IGH at the same time and find it much more to my liking. I especially like the belt drive and the auto-shifting lets me just do my 30-45 minutes of cardio every day without any fuss or bother. The Haul (with a grand total of 69 miles!) is for sale. I liked it, and I STILL like it, but it just isn't the right fit for me.

Would Recommend?



Amazing Urban Utility Bike

The only reason I don't give this bike a 5 star is because when I have the rear panniers on and I get on the bike I often hit the pannier with my heel and sometimes it knocks the pannier loose on the bottom. I wear a size 11 shoe and when I push off I bump the pannier. Now for all the great things about this bike. POWERFUL motor, even in level 1 assist it gives me enough assist and at the same time I get some cardio in my ride. I have a business where I ship my tea every day and with the panniers instead of setting the mail out for the postal lady I take it to the post office myself. Plus all my other errands around town get done on my Haul ST. ALOHA!!! and thank you SPECIALIZED for making an awesome affordable bike Chris Boling, President greenteaHAWAII.com

Would Recommend?



Electrical Issues Resolved: 5-STAR

I did my homework for months before I bought my Haul in August, read everything & watched a ton of videos. I wanted the name-brand quality of Specialized for my bike since I plan to use it for my work commute for many years. So I was super frustrated that in the first 25 miles to have the types of electrical issues described elsewhere. So I took my bike back four times to get the issues resolved, each time crossing off the list one possible electrical problem after another. The shop basically redid all the wiring and changed the battery (old key does not work on it). Specialized backed up their product. Maybe they had a bad production run? Not everyone has had these problems, but they fixed my bike. And now I've gone 200 joyful miles without any issue. I'll update at 500 & 1,000 miles. Despite the hassle of the repairs, Specialized demonstrated why I went with them in the first place. I love riding this bike!! It does everything you think it will. It's a third vehicle for our family.

Would Recommend?



Went for a test ride and left with the bike

I love this bike so much; it is super convenient to get around the neighborhood by carrying 2 kids (one in the seat and one in the carrier).



Loving this bike

This has been a great bike! I'm not experiencing any of the electrical issues other people have noted. The bike shop I purchased it from was aware of the excess grease problem and were sure to check it prior to selling it. I've been using it to haul around 2 dogs in a trailer - just over 100lbs - it pulls them like a champ! The Burley Bark Ranger is a great dog trailer.