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Air Tool Road Pump

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The Air Tool Road is a minimalistic frame pump that provides efficiency and reliability for high-pressure road tires.

Rider Reviews

  • 4.5
  • 2 Reviews

Falls into Must Buy Category

I have all kinds of mini-pump for years. They were all the same. They are not very efficient. Awkward to use, and seems like you are close to ripping the stem out. This one is a game changer. For my first flat, I was shocked to find it has no lever. (Guess I should have tested the pump before the ride) Put it on and start pumping. Somehow, it holds quite tight once you start to put air in the tire. This also makes the pump very slick looking. The biggest surprise was how smooth it was. There was minimal friction. There was no lost motion either when you reverse stroke direction. Every bit of motion put more air into the tire. Pump was sized just right so it takes minimal effort until is nearly full. I put my palm next to the valve, and push the pump against my palm so as not to strain the valve. Not the most natural way to pump, but vastly better than all other mini pump. I did not get tired from pumping unlike other pumps. I didn't time it or count stroke, but the feeling is it did not take much effort (some, but not unreasonable) nor was it too long. I am now spoiled by this pump. Doubt there is a better pump out there.