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Roval Warranty & Crash Replacement

We work obsessively to create wheels that make your ride better, but we don’t stop there. Because we know that **it happens (we’re riders, too), we have your back with a lifetime warranty and an amazing no-fault crash replacement policy.

- Register your Roval wheels to enjoy lifetime warranty.

- Crash or damage your wheels in the first 2 years? Our **it Happens policy means we’ll repair or replace them, no questions asked.

True to your Ride

The **it Happens policy is valid across our entire range of wheels. For two decades, we’ve partnered with the best riders in the world to develop Roval wheels and components. The results? World Championships on the road, gravel, and dirt, Grand Tour wins, Unbound victories, Cape Epic wins, Monuments, and more. Today, we’re delivering the fastest wheels in the world, amplified by the performance of tubeless technology developed with our professional riders.