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Kids' Body Geometry Gloves

We deliver! Just say when and how.

These comfy Body Geometry Gloves are the perfect fit for future cycling stars.

Hey Bar, You’re Getting on My Nerves!

Ever had your two outer fingers go numb on a ride? How about all your fingers tingling? Our leading ergonomic experts have designed gloves that solve these issues, so you can confidently carve turns all day long.

Ulnar Protection

Hands getting fatigued and going numb on long rides? Body Geometry Gel gloves disperse pressure by padding the ulnar nerve. So now, you can ride longer and with a stronger grip.

Arterial Circulation

The Equalizer Pad in our Grail gloves maintains the natural shape of your palm, so it doesn’t flatten out as you grip the bars. This protects blood flow to all of your digits and creates an extremely confident connection to your bike.

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