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Roval Warranty and Crash Replacement Policy

Our Commitment

We work obsessively to create wheels that make your ride better, but we don’t stop there. Because we know that **it happens (we’re riders, too), we have your back with a lifetime warranty and an amazing no-fault crash replacement policy.

Lifetime Warranty

If you're the original purchaser, your Roval wheels are warrantied for as long as you own them. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with our published guidelines.

If you're the subsequent owner (meaning that you're the second or an even later owner), then your Roval wheels are covered under warranty for two years from the date of the original retail purchase.

There are other important details and terms related to this warranty, and you can find the full Warranty Policy here.

“**it Happens” No Fault Crash Replacement Policy

If you damage your Roval product while riding within the first two years of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty, we’ll still replace or repair it for free*. We’re riders, so we know that **it happens. This policy applies to all Roval product purchased in Australia, whether it came stock on a bike or was purchased aftermarket. For additional terms, see below.

If you damage your Roval product while riding more than two years after you bought it and it’s not covered under warranty, your Roval retailer will work with us to get it repaired or replaced for a fraction of the full retail price. Your Authorised Roval Retailer will fill you in on the details, including the exact cost (which depends on your location, local tax, and all that good stuff). For additional terms, see below.

If you have any questions about our warranty, or **it Happens Policy, please drop us a line:

*Shipping to and from the Roval Service Center is never included and your Roval Retailer may charge you a small service fee.

Important Terms for the “**it Happens” No Fault Crash Replacement Policy

For your Roval products to be covered under the “**It Happens Policy”, they need to be purchased in Australia after 1 September 2019. The policy applies only to the original retail purchaser. The products also need to be registered here within 30 days of purchase. That way, we know you’ve purchased an eligible product and can better service you. Follow the link for more information on the registration process.

In all cases, the policy applies to damage that happened during riding. It does not apply to wear and tear items or cosmetic damage. Overshot a jump and broke your wheel while tomahawking down the mountain? That’s covered; well, at least the wheel. Damaged your carbon wheel from an exhaust pipe or drove into your garage with your bike on the roof? While that **it happens, it’s not covered.

To take advantage of this policy, you must go to an Authorized Roval Retailer. Depending on the damage, we’ll determine in our discretion whether to replace or repair the product. Your old product must be returned to your Roval Retailer. We do not keep inventory forever. If your product needs to be replaced and we no longer have it in stock, we’ll try our best to find you the most similar product then available.

Assisted Replacement

In addition to our limited warranty and incredible **It Happens Policy, Roval products are covered under our Assisted Replacement Policy. If you damage an eligible product while riding after 2 years of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty, we’ll replace or repair it at a discounted price.

Roval-branded products are eligible for Assisted Replacement up to 5 years from the date of original purchase.

Discount Structure

All discounts are based on suggested retail price. Pricing may vary depending on your location.

Assisted Replacement Pricing

Under 3 years> 3 years and < 4 years> 4 years and < 5 years
35% off25% off20% off