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S-Works Mondo 2Bliss Ready T2/T5

We deliver! Just say when and how.

Calling the S-Works Mondo just an endurance tire is an insult. We believe it’s the fastest piece of endurance engineering on earth. Delivering everything riders demand from a class-leading endurance tire — long miles durability, all-weather traction, incredible puncture protection — and amplifying it with the performance riders want, like best-in-class efficiency and light weight, the S-Works Mondo tubeless tire is the fastest endurance tire ever. 11% more efficient and 5% lighter than any other endurance tire on the road*, it’s our go-anywhere, do-anything, optimum combination of speed and durability.

Available in 28, 32, and 35 mm widths, you’ll be ready for anything the road ahead throws at you. The World Was Made For Mondo.

*When measured in a lab setting S-Works Mondo showed the lowest rolling resistance numbers and lowest weight of any competitor in its class.

Unmatched In Class Efficiency

With 11% less rolling resistance than the previous class-leading tire, there is no faster endurance all-road tire*. This unmatched performance starts with the most efficient, durable, and grippy dual-road compounds ever created in our German lab — Gripton T2/T5.

Our Best Puncture Protection

Under the tread, you’ll find our latest Blackbelt material, a dense and strong cross-woven aramid material delivering 12% more puncture protection than our previous Blackbelt. Fighting pinch flats and sidewall cuts is our new Grid Race protection.

Lightest in Class Meets Durability

The S-Works Mondo is 5%* lighter than the nearest competition in its class. A supple 120 TPI casing and tubeless-ready construction make the Mondo the optimal balance of lightweight, grip, and low rolling resistance without sacrificing durability or puncture protection.

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