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      Finding a local bike shop near you is very important to your cycling experience.

      New cyclists getting a new bike will have the ability to:

      • Have a bike fitting to make sure they have the bike sized

      • Test ride new bikes to make sure they have the perfect bike

      • Have the bike built and bike pedals added

      • Choose cycling gear to make cycling more enjoyable (i.e., cycling shoes)

      • Have the water bottle holders installed

      You can also pick up cycling gear that helps you stay safe while riding.

      • Bike helmets

      • Bike tools

      • Bike lights and reflectors

      • Replacement bike tubes (in case of a flat)

      If you’re unsure of what type of bike you want to buy, a local bike shop has:

      • Electric bikes (e-bikes)

      • Mountain bikes (MTB bikes)

      • Road bikes

      • Commuter bikes (i.e., Sirrus)

      • Kids’ bikes

      You can test ride different types of bikes in a bike shop. That way, you find the best bike for your goals. Local bike shops will even help seasoned cyclists.

      They have bike service departments that can:

      • Do tune-ups on your bikes

      • Make bike repairs for you

      • Install bike upgrades for building the perfect bike

      Bike Fitting

      Accessibility to a local bike shop that can do a bike fitting makes sure the bike is properly fit to you. Bike fitting sets the bike up to your height, flexibility, and riding style. Bike shops provide bike fitting for free when you do in-store pickups. A bike that doesn't fit means you'll become sorer during longer rides. This can create muscle fatigue and pains. Without a local bike store fitting your bike, you'll enjoy riding a lot less.

      Bike Rentals

      Even if you're not buying a new bike, bike shops may offer bike rentals. Local bike stores can have mountain bikes, road bikes, and e-bikes available as rentals. And they are usually close to local attractions geared toward bike rentals. (i.e., bike shops close to national parks offer mountain bike rentals.)

      Bike Service

      Bike services that bike shops usually provide are adjustments and repairs of:

      • Brakes

      • Drivetrain

      • Shifters (i.e., Shimano)

      • Derailleurs

      • Wheels and tires

      Bike Repairs

      Bike repairs are a big reason to find a bike store near you. You're going to mess up your bike at some point. A local bike shop will be able to repair and replace parts on your bike.

      Bike Shop Tune-Ups

      A bike shop will tune up your bike, which makes it last longer. This includes things like:

      • Cleaning grease and dirt of your mountain bike and road bikes

      • Checking gears and derailleurs for damage and alignment

      • Checking the brakes to make sure they work well

      • Make cable tension adjustments

      • Check alignment on bike frames and wheels

      • Tighten loose bolts

      • Regrease and oil the appropriate parts of your bike

      Store Pickup

      We partner with top-notch bike shops in your area for in-store pickups. Sometimes these local bike shops also have special offers. They will give cyclists buying a bike special offers on bundled products. (i.e., they have deals on top-quality women’s shoes, apparel, helmets, etc.)