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    RockShox SID SL Ultimate BRAIN

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    당신이 원하는 날짜와 방법으로 배송해드립니다.

    The RockShox SID SL Ultimate BRAIN incorporates a race-tuned Brain Inertia Valve with Position-Sensitive technology into the all-new RockShox SID SL chassis.

    New Position-Sensitive Brain technology provides more platform support while maintaining small bump compliance and chassis balance, making this the most efficient BRAIN yet.

    Position-Sensitive technology allows riders to sag into the fork 15mm for a balanced ride, providing supple small bump compliance and a firm pedaling platform without the need for a remote lockout or levers to flip.

    All new SID SL Ultimate Chassis features a machined alloy crown to shed even more weight while increasing stiffness.

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